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Master's Certificate in Project Management

This Master's Certificate/Badge introduces the basic concepts and examines the practical applications of strategic leadership, project planning and management.  In class, participants apply these concepts and principles in real-world scenarios.

  • Earn 15 credit hours with our Master's Certificate in Project Management

  • Accrue four Project Management Badges from Creighton Business Institute,
    Heider College of Business

  • Get PMP® or  PMI-ACP®  Certified

  • Get CSM® Certified  


Creighton Business Institute is proud to offer the following project management courses within Creighton University's Master's Certificate in Project Management.  The courses cover:

  • 100% of the topics for three of the most awarded PMI certifications: Project Management Professional (PMP)®,  Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)®, and Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)®
  • A significant portion of the topics for the other three:  Program Management Professional (PgMP)®; PMI Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP)®; PMI Scheduling Professional (PMI-SP)®; PMI Organizational Project Management OPM3® Professional Certification.

A Badge in Project Management earns 9 credits toward a MBA or MS-BIA.  A Master's Certificate is earned by completing the Badge requirements and any two of the following courses for a total of 15 credits toward a MBA or MS-BIA: 

  • MBA 771 - Leadership and Organizational Behavior or
  • MBA 779 - Leadership U
  • BIA 782 - Data Base Management Systems
  • BIA 787 - Business Process Management
  • MBA 776- Business, Ethics & Society
  • CBI 505 - Introduction to Executive Leadership
  • CBI 506 - Advanced Executive Leadership
  • CBI 515 - Business Operations - Technical Focus
  • CBI 516 - Advanced Executive Operations

Based on the Project Management Institute’s PMBok Guide 5.0, participants will apply the ten knowledge areas of projects to the five project process groups:  1) defining, 2) planning, 3) executing, 4) monitoring & controlling, and 5) closing. The Master's Certificate/Badge addresses a leader’s role in leading projects, programs and portfolio management, as well as the project manager’s role in project requirements and process groups.  More advanced topics are explored in the areas of teams and leadership, project performance management, procurement, risk management and interpersonal and soft skills for the human side of project management.  Advanced study includes the use of various performance measurement systems and tracking tools to aid in scheduling and managing projects. Students gain practical experience in simulated project labs that allow them to work as a team and apply their knowledge and execution skills in the five project process groups.

Master's Certificate & Badge in Project Management - Summer Offerings

Meeting DatesCourse NameCourse Number

2/13/2018 & 2/14/2018

Managing Projects - Concepts in project planning with real world scenariosMBA/BIA 501

3/14/2018 & 3/15/2018

Managing Projects - Project execution with simulationMBA/BIA 502

4/26/2018 & 4/27/2018

Mastering Projects - Real World AgileMBA/BIA 705

6/21/2018 & 6/22/2018

Mastering Projects - Advanced Project Management topics
7/31/2018 & 8/1/2018
8/2/2018 & 8/3/2018  

Project Management Professional PMP® Exam Prep 5.0


8/8/2017 & 8/9/2017  
8/10/2017 & 8/11/2017      
PMI ACP® Agile Certified Practitioner Exam PrepMBA/BIA 708


Procurement, contractors, project managers, managers & supervisors, executives, and those wishing to maintain Project Management Institute (PMI) credentials


This PMBoK 5.0-aligned Certificate and these Badges are designed to expand participant knowledge and effectiveness in the 5 project process groups and 10 knowledge areas.  This concentration of knowledge can be applied toward several Master degree programs.


The Master's Certificate  in Project Management offers an interactive, experiential learning environment that provides immediately applicable skills for successful workplace project completion.


Instructor-led courses. Coming April 2018 on-line programs

"The courses I completed at Creighton University increased my capacity to make more informed strategic decisions on behalf of my organization.  As a woman in a leadership role, the knowledge I gained has empowered me to make a difference at my company and be looked to as a decision maker and a leader.”  -- Kelly S.