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Jennifer L. Metzler, Director


Creighton Business Institute
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Creighton University
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Emerging Leaders

This is a series of five workshops scheduled in sequence to satisfy the Emerging Leaders Certificate of Completion.  This course meets once a week for a total of five weeks in 4-hour workshops. Some outside reading and preparation is required.

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The series sessions are below in sequence:

  1. DNA of Successful Managers - This session has its foundation in Well Being - The Five Essential Elements by Tom Rath and Strengths Based Leadership. Exploring the impact of personal and organizational well being for you, your organization and your team has an impact on how you address your roles as an emerging leader. Understanding your strengths and learning to assess the strengths of others enables a pro-active focus on working with others to accomplish goals.
  2. Motivating, empowering, and coaching to influence others whether they be direct reports, peers or even your boss is an excellent skill to develop and hone. This session will help you support and navigate change in your workplace and improve your ability to get things done through and with other people.
  3. Building a Team Culture -This session will review the quick tools you need to enable your front-line supervisors and directors to be focused on bringing out the best in your teams and by understanding group formation and development.
  4. Time Management and Leading Continuous improvement Efforts – Learn to lead your team to find and eliminate waste in the work place to create a self-sustaining, problem solving, and learning environment.  It is the work environment where people are focused on high quality and best standard practices to enable ordinary people to create extra-ordinary results.
  5. Communications and Conflict Resolution – This session you will learn core skills in highly effective communication and gain practice in applying them to work situations. This is particularly focused on one-on-one communication related to the work place. Conflict resolution and negotiation helps you to identify the source of team member conflict and move beyond the conflict. Positive and negative conflict can be beneficial and this session provides tools to help move your team to productivity and effectiveness.

This program is offered as a certificate of completion through Creighton University's Creighton Business Institute. Request Course Schedule!


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