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Jennifer L. Metzler, Director


Creighton Business Institute
Heider College of Business
Creighton University
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Leadership U

The Creighton Leadership U program is designed for ambitious and talented professionals seeking to accelerate their leadership development. This program delivers the best practices in corporate leadership development while leveraging the expertise of Creighton’s business faculty. Participants will gain leadership skills applicable to their career aspirations through experiential learning and facilitated conversations with their managers, mentors, and peers.

Program Description

  •     One three-hour seminar per month for nine months
  •     Each session will be held in the Harper Center
  •     Class size limited to 25 participants
  •     Classes will be located at Creighton University Harper Center
  •     Laptop or iPad required

Learning Experience

  •     Content delivered through interactive case studies and focus on real world application.
  •     Opportunity for authentic relationship building with community leaders, faculty, and peers.
  •     Participants will build consultation teams for sharing best practices and facilitating team based learning.
  •     Each session will be taught by Creighton University faculty specializing in the session’s subject matter.
  •     Guest faculty will include corporate and community leaders.
  •     Dedicated relationship building time following each session.
  •     Participants will have short, online interactions and discussions between instructor-led sessions.


  •     Participants will develop a personalized plan for accelerating individual leadership development.
  •     Access to corporate and community leaders.
  •     Graduates will earn a Creighton Leadership U Certificate.
  •     Graduates who attend Creighton University in pursuit of their MBA degree will earn three full credits toward the core leadership course.

Admissions Requirements

  •     An undergraduate degree (If significant work experience undergraduate degree may be waived)
  •     Two years of full-time work experience
  •     Completion of Creighton Leadership U Application
  •     Letter of reference from applicant's manager/mentor

Class Information

Leadership U meets monthly from 1:00 PM to 5:30pm at Creighton University's Heider College of Business at the Harper Center.

The dates for Leadership U are the third Friday of the month as follows :

Sept 15, 2017
Oct 20, 2017
Nov 17, 2017
Dec 15, 2017
Jan 19, 2018
Feb 16, 2018
March 16, 2018
April 20, 2018
May 18, 2018


"I found going to through the Creighton Leadership U program to be highly beneficial to my own personal development as a leader. The course is a great opportunity for the working professional that is looking to develop and increase their leadership skills, and as a bonus expand your network within the Omaha community. I gained valuable insight from the professors, guest speakers, case studies, and the peer group discussion. During this course I was able to formally develop and create my own leadership plan and vision which will help guide me through my professional career. I would highly recommend this to anyone that is in leadership, wants to be in leadership, or just purely wants to develop or enhance a new skill set."

Spencer Southwell
Manager, Retail Strategy and Operations –  Learning and Development
TD Ameritrade

"I was able to participate in the inaugural Creighton Leadership U class during the Fall of 2012 and the Spring of 2013.  The class was comprised of a mixture of reading articles, case studies, interactive blackboard posts, presentations and dialogue with professors and discussions with current business executives.  During my time in this class, I was able to connect with great peer level individuals from various companies throughout the area.  The most valuable part of the entire class was the group discussions with professors and business executives on various topics, taking a concept and making it come to life through a real world situation.  I would highly recommend taking this class to continue to advance your leadership skills, to learn great concepts and to network!"

Liz Cook
Manager, Talent Acquisition
First National Bank


"I joined the Creighton Leadership U program hoping to learn new approaches to my leadership style. I left the program with not only that, but a deeper understanding of how to manage my network, and more importantly,  manage myself.  The program taught me to strategize and look at the bigger picture when making decisions.   I found every class extremely beneficial to my growth as a leader.”

Bobbie Cizek
Wholesaling Sales Manager
Pacific Life

This course applies as a building block for graduate badges and certificates within the Master Certificate in Project Management.

If your employer requires completion of the course prior to payment of the tuition, you can use the form for tuition deferral provided here. EMPLOYER DEFERRAL PROGRAM APPLICATION.pd

Overview of Leadership Development & Leadership U (Session 1)
Participants will:
Define leadership.
Understand how self-awareness, formal education, feedback, coaching, mentoring, and experience (most importantly) relate to leadership development.
Begin to formulate a plan for their own leadership development.

Finding True North & Improving Personal Effectiveness (Session 2 & Online)
Participants will:
Begin to define a personal vision and career path that aligns with their values.
Reflect on feedback from coaches, mentors, and peers.
Develop a plan to maximize strengths and mitigate weaknesses.
Understand their own behavioral tendencies based on assessments and their life story.
Learn how to set goals for themselves that will drive effective performance.
Learn how to coach others to set goals that will drive effective performance.
Understand how organizational environment influences individual performance.
Learn how to improve time management.
Learn how to better manage stress.
Set goals for personal growth.

Building Your Team (Session 3)
Participants will:
Understand recruitment and selection best practices for managers.
Understand how to assemble teams for commitment and effectiveness.
Understand how teams form and function.
Understand why people leave teams and organizations.
Work through a significant staffing decision.

Leading Your Team (Session 4, 5, & Online)
Participants will:
Understand how to set the performance context.
Understand how to understand and influence follower motivation.
Understand how to foster a collaborative environment.
Understand techniques for building and maintaining trust.
Understand how to effectively use personal sources of power to influence others.
Understand evidence-based models for effective leadership.
Understand best practices for providing feedback and coaching.
Understanding how to communicate for results.
Understand how to deal with a problem employee.
Diagnose employee motivation and plan to improve motivation.
Develop a plan for delegating meaningful work to others.
Develop their personal model of leadership.
Develop a plan for providing feedback and coaching.
Work through a case on performance management.

Building & Maintaining Authentic Relationships (Session 6)
Participants will:
Understand how to use their social context to influence others.
Understand how to use social context to drive team performance.
Understand how external networking can improve personal and organizational performance.
Map their social network(s) and create a plan to fill in the gaps limiting effectiveness.

Organizational Culture & Leading Change (Session 7 & Online)
Participants will:
Understand the importance of organizational culture.
Understand how culture drives behavior.
Understand how to lead a change initiative.
Understand road blocks to change.
Understand best practices in communicating for change.
Map their organizational culture to understand how it drives behavior.
Plan a change initiative.
Strategic Planning & Organizational Design (Session 8)
Participants will:
Understand how the external environment influences strategy.
Understand how core organizational competencies drive strategy.
Understand how the external environment and strategy drive organizational design.
Map their operating environment and explore organizational fit with that operating environment.
Values-Based Decision Making (Session 9)
Participants will:
Understand approaches to optimal decision making.
Understand factors that limit and hinder decision making.
Understand the proper use of intuition in decision making.
Understanding how ethics, values, and leader integrity drive decision making.
Work through a major organizational decision.


Scheduled Classes

No classes currently scheduled.