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Physician Leadership Experience Accelerator Program (LEAP)

The Creighton Business Institute offers the Leadership Experience Accelerator Program (LEAP)TM, an intensive one-year leadership program for physicians to develop and hone their skills as physician leaders. Based on the National Health Sciences Leadership Academy’s 5E approach to development (examine, experience, exposure, education and evaluate), L.E.A.P fosters innovative, critical thinkers to develop their leadership integrity and authenticity. L.E.A.P. is a comprehensive year-long program focusing on rapidly expanding your experience in transforming healthcare while you gain direct practice leading teams to deliver greater healthcare value. Physicians successfully completing the program will earn nine credit hours towards an MBA within Creighton’s College of Business.

In healthcare, leadership is a shared responsibility, ensuring the patient‘s successful care outcome. Bringing the four pillars of leadership to fruition will help every physician be a leader of modern healthcare. Leadership is not about personality; it’s about behavior - an observable set of skills and abilities. L.E.A.P.'s foundation is in the four pillars of leadership:  Individual Development, Pursuing Excellence, Authentic Team Collaboration & Serving Others.

To build a career of impact and significance in today’s increasingly collaborative healthcare systems requires professionals to be more than skilled and compassionate healers. It also requires them to be excellent leaders. To accelerate the growth and development of physician leaders, the Creighton Business Institute offers an intensive one-year program for skilled healthcare clinicians working in today’s complex healthcare environment. It is a deliberate, integrated and carefully crafted process which will offer leaders the opportunity to examine, experience, be exposed to, educate and evaluate their roles in today’s healthcare environment. As a result, a physician professional can immediately apply new skills and bring talents to the forefront, immediately contributing to healthcare improvement.

Educational opportunities are part of this development, but the key to the Physician Leadership Experience Accelerator Program (LEAP) is the integration of multiple opportunities to explore and develop the four pillars of leadership with their immediate application to the healthcare organization and teams. It is both reflective and action-driven. It includes experience and exploration, enhanced by mentoring and coaching. The end result: the foundation for a career of impact through the four core pillars of leadership.

The targeted outcomes for the year-long Physician LEAPTM are:

  • Develop and understand the diversity of people, their capabilities/strengths, and unlock the potential held in their core mission: to help people
  • Provide practical experience in doing what healers do well while creating and leading cohesive teams that communicate, cooperate and collaborate
  • Provide an experience for creating and championing teams
  • Acquire the capacity to appreciate and respect individual contributions within teams
  • Reduce variation, improve quality and use resources
  • Develop excellent communication skills that foster creative collaboration
  • Gain experience in integrating mission, strategy and tactics; then implementing change in these areas
    • Mission and goals alignment
    • Improving quality care
    • Improving resource utilization
    • Delivery of relevant research and education
  • Direct experience in eliminating waste in healthcare processes with teams to improve performance based outcomes
  • Direct experience in fostering the contribution of process experts and using the team approach to rapidly achieve healthcare improvements

The Creighton Business Institute’s integrated program combines education, mentoring, networking, coaching and team projects to enable thoughtful development and growth throughout the year. Our program brings together leadership, healthcare management and experience to yield measurable change. It offers multiple opportunities to examine, evaluate, educate, for experience and exposure. Call Creighton Business Institute to enroll in LEAP: 402-280-2330.

Topic   Contact TimeElapsed Time (typical)Leadership Pillar
Learning Outcome
Knowledge Accelerator

Coaching, Mentoring, Power & Politics

0.5 days Individual Development

Assessment & Retreat

2 days  

Understanding People

0.5 days Individual Development

Leadership, Culture & Leading Change

 0.5 days Individual Development

Organizational Behavior & Individual Differences

0.5 days Individual Development

Leadership & Decision Making - Organizational Structure & Environments. Management and Challenges

0.5 days Individual Development

Individual Development Plans

 10 days 

Mentors Selected

 30 days 

Healthcare Leadership Knowledge Accelerator

 184.5 days 

Assessing Operations Performance & Project Selection

0.5 days Pursuing Excellence

Understanding People in the Context of the Organizational System

  0.5 days Pursuing Excellence

Project Management

2.5 days  

Getting Teams to Achieve Results

0.5 days Individual Development

Project Management Processes and Knowledge Areas

2 days Pursuing Excellence

Healthcare Operations- Improving Outcomes

 163.5 days 

Patient Safety, Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement

0.5 days Pursuing Excellence

Communication - Crucial Conversations

2 day Individual Development

Manager's, Leader's Health care team role in Healthcare

0.5 days   Individual Development

Fiscal leadership in healthcare

0.5 days Serving Others

Accounting, Finance & Revenue Cycle in Health care

0.5 days Serving Others

Leading Health care teams (motivation, delegation, strengths, empowerment)

0.5 days Authentic Team Collaboration

Talent Acquisition, Development, HR processes, Reviews, Talent Investment

0.5 days Authentic Team Collaboration

Healthcare Business Ethics and Law / Legal

1 day Serving Others

 Negotiation & Conflict Resolution

1 day Authentic Team Collaboration
Mentoring  240 daysAuthentic Team Collaboration
Coaching 259.5 daysAuthentic Team Collaboration
Project(s) 271 days Authentic Team Collaboration


 30 daysPursuing Excellence

Selection Decision Assessing Process

0.5 days Social Justice


 10 daysPursuing Excellence


 90 daysPursuing Excellence

Strategic Planning & Requirements Alignment

0.5 days  

Presentation Practicum - Selling Ideas for Healthcare Improvement

0.5 days  

  Monitor & Control

 160 daysPursuing Excellence


 130 daysPursuing Excellence

Closing & Lessons Learned

 10 daysPursuing Excellence




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