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PMP Exam Prep 6.0

Project Management Professional (PMP®)         

PMP is an internationally recognized certification that demonstrates competence in leading and directing programs, project portfolios and project teams. Our PMI PMP® & CAPM® Credential examination preparation course walks participants through application of the ten knowledge areas and the five process groups included on the exam. A simulated exam setting familiarizes students with the testing process. This course fulfills the PMI project management education requirements to take the exam.  The course instructor is PMP credentialed and a practicing program, portfolio and project manager. 

Students taking the course have an exam pass rate of 96%.

Class offered at an accessible downtown Omaha location with convenient class times.


What It Is

The PMP Exam Prep Course is an intensive, accelerated 4-day course that prepares students for both the PMI PMP® & CAPM®Credential exams. It offers:

  • Live practice exams
  • Exam taking tips
  • Instruction from an experienced practicing project manager and a PMI PMP® professional
  • Case based scenarios and discussions to improve your retention and comprehension of the ten knowledge areas and five project processes

Who Benefits

*Experienced project managers & the PMP® credential

  • Increase comprehension of project processes
  • Improve analysis clarity in stakeholder and risk management
  • Assess project risk and complexity to select effective level of project management effort
  • Apply rigorous estimating, measuring and monitoring methods that fit project risk and complexity
  • Produce more robust project plans with higher success rates of completing on time and on budget
  • Gain credibility with employers and maximize your earning potential
  • Increase pass rates on the exam and have their project experience evaluated by independent review
  • Appreciate integration responsibility and personal integrity required in project management

*New graduate and new project manager & the CAPM® Credential

  • Recognize the overlapping processes in projects
  • Access and apply appropriate tools to the projects
  • Appreciate the management of projects - getting things done through and with other people
  • Acquire the required formalized training for project management introduction

Course Benefits

  • Crosswinds Learning packet, including book, maps and flip cards
  • Access to on-line materials for additional study, including audio files, practice exams and supplemental materials (requires completed registration requirements for secured access)
  • Live instructor led sessions and asynchronous instructor access for questions and help between class sessions
  • Guidance and information on registering for the exam and what to expect during the exam
  • Extended access, on request, to the on-line study materials

If you take the class for graduate credit, see the additional benefits you will receive.

Read the article from about why project management certifications matter.

  1. Managing Projects
  2. Mastering Project Management
    The PMP Exam Prep is the Capstone course for the Certificate in Project Management.

Earn 35 PDU's  & 3 graduate credit hours towards the MBA available both on-line or live (for  qualified  & admitted graduate business candidates)

Course Requirements

Individuals seeking PMP® or CAPM® credentialing:
Project Management Professional (PMP®)

  1. Secondary degree (high school diploma, associate’s degree or the global equivalent)
  2. At least five years of project management experience
  3. 7,500 hours leading and directing projects, and
  4. 35 hours of project management education


  1. A four-year degree (bachelor’s degree or the global equivalent)
  2. At least three years of project management experience
  3. 4,500 hours leading and directing projects
  4. 35 hours of project management education

Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM®)

  1. High school diploma
  2. 23 hours of approved project management training
    Recommended preparation for both the CAPM® and PMP®

Check the PMI website at for exam requirements and qualifications for PMP and CAPM®.

This PMI PMP® & CAPM® Credential examination preparation course is conveniently located at CBI headquarters at the Heider College of Business on the Creighton University campus.  To help establish your exam target date and plan efficiently, be aware that the PMI examinations are updated to the FIFTH edition. This is the only instructor led PMP course with a rich, on-line hybrid resource and convenient schedule available in the metropolitan area.

  • Project Management PMBOK overview

    • Terminology

    • Methodology

    • Process 

  • Certification

    • Certification Environment

    • Credentials and qualifications

    • Overview

    • Situational problem solving

  • Framework

    • Overlap of disciplines

    • Triple constraints

    • Process groups and position descriptions

    • Stakeholder management

    • Organizational structures

    • Ten Knowledge Areas

  • Integration

    • Process assets in organizations

    • Enterprise & environment

    • Initiation process -charter

    • Planning process – project plan

    • Execution process – direct & manage

    • Monitoring and controlling process- change control

    • Closing Process

  • Scope

    • Planning Process

      • Requirements collection

      • Scope definition

      • Create WSB

    • Monitoring and controlling

      • Verify

      • Control

    • Scope formulas & variables

    • Scope planning and mind map

    • Taking corrective actions & the interplay of risk

  • Time

    • Planning Process

      • Define activities

      • Sequence activities

      • Estimate resources

      • Estimate duration

      • Develop schedule

    • Monitoring and Controlling Process

      • Control schedule

      • Measurements

      • Formulas

    • SWOT

    • Next Steps

  • Cost

    • Types of cost

      • Cost based selection techniques

      • Future, present and expected value (FV, PV, EPV)

      • Sunk cost

      • Depreciation

      • Life Cycle – cost of ownership

      • Earned Value rules – fixed formula progress reporting

      • Weighted milestones

    • Planning Process

      • Estimate costs

      • Cost range

      • Determine budget

      • Contingency planning

    • Monitoring and Controlling Process

      • Control cost

      • Measurements – EVA, binary, etc.

      • Formulas

  • Quality

    • Definition

      • Product quality

      • Process quality

      • TQM

      • Zero defects

      • Fitness for use

      • Continuous improvement & Kaizen

      • Gold plating

    • Planning Process

      • Plan for quality

      • Set quantified measures

      • Executing Process

      • Quality Assurance

    • Monitoring and Controlling Process

      • Control quality

      • Measurements – EVA, binary, etc.

    • Formulas

  • Human Resources

    • Planning Process

      • Develop Human Resource Plan

    • Executing Process

      • Acquire team

      • Develop team

      • Manage team

    • Measurements – EVA, binary, etc.

    • Formulas

  • Communications

    • Skills & Types

    • Initiation Process

      • Identify stakeholders

      • Communication plan

    • Planning Process

      • Plan for communication

      • Frequency, form, process

      • Set expectations

    • Executing Process

      • Distribute Information

      • Manage

    • Monitoring and Controlling Process

      • Performance reporting

      • Measurements – EVA, binary, etc.

    • Formulas

  • Risk

    • Definition

      • Positive & Negative

      • Mitigation and return

    • Planning Process

      • Plan for risk

      • Identify risk

      • Qualitative and quantitative risk analysis

      • Risk response

    • Monitoring and Controlling Process

      • Risk management

      • Measurements

      • Responses

    • Formulas & variables

  • Procurement

    • Planning Process

      • Plan for procurement

      • Set quantified measures

    • Executing Process

      • Conduct procurement

    • Monitoring and Controlling Process

      • Administer procurement

      • Measurements – EVA, binary, etc.

    • Closing Process

      • Close procurements

    • Formulas

  • Stakeholders

    • Planning Process

      • Identify stakeholders – inputs & outputs

      • Plan stakeholder management

      • Set quantified measures

    • Executing Process

      • Manage stakeholder engagement

    • Monitoring and Controlling Process

      • Monitor & control engagement

      • Measurements – EVA, binary, etc.

    • Closing Process

      • Close procurements

    • Formulas

  • Professional & Social Responsibility

    • Code of ethics and professional conduct

      • Terminology

      • Respect, fairness, honesty, integrity, responsibility

      • Set quantified measures

    • Impact on processes

      • Initiating

      • Planning

      • Executing

      • Monitor & Control

      • Closing

A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) – Fifth Edition - 2013 Project Management Institute
PMP® Exam Success Series: Bootcamp Manual - 2011 - Johnson


Scheduled Classes

Date/Time Facilitator Location Fee
  • Tue, 07/31/2018 - 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • Wed, 08/01/2018 - 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • Thu, 08/02/2018 - 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • Fri, 08/03/2018 - 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
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