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Jennifer L. Metzler, Director


Creighton Business Institute
Heider College of Business
Creighton University
2500 California Plaza
Omaha, NE 68178

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“The LEAP program has exceeded our expectations in each if it’s first two editions. The faculty has done an outstanding job of, not only organizing and  presenting their respective programs, but engaging these physician leaders in a most challenging and provocative series of discussions. At the same time (and not by coincidence), the physicians seem to have found an increased sense of connection with our organization, and with each other.  The program is very well designed and effective in promoting enhanced leadership skills and new relationships among these, already very talented, physicians.” 

Carl G., Sr. VPMA & CMO


"The courses I completed at Creighton University increased my capacity to make more informed strategic decisions on behalf of my organization. As a woman in a leadership role, the knowledge I gained has empowered me to make a difference at my company and be looked to as a decision maker and a leader.”

Kelly S., Vice President, Project Management


"Participation in the LEAP Program has empowered me as a physician leader. With an emphasis on real world experiences, spirited discussion and extensive self-reflection, the LEAP Program has given me insight into the realities of leadership and politics in the medical setting. I have gained the practical knowledge and new skills necessary to cultivate and practice my personal style of leadership. I am now much more confident in my ability to lead within our organization while staying true to my values and roles as a woman and a physician.”

Cynthia E., Director, Developmental Medicine


“I am a successful Sales Manager in the investment finance industry.  I joined the Creighton Leadership U program hoping to learn new approaches to my leadership style. I left the program with not only that, but a deeper understanding of how to manage my network, and more importantly,  manage myself.  The program taught me to strategize and look at the bigger picture when making decisions.   I found every class extremely beneficial to my growth as a leader.”

Bobbie C., Wholesaling Sales Manager


“L. E. A. P. proved to be a worthwhile and demanding endeavor for all participating physicians regardless of their leadership position or experience.  With a broad range of health care topics and a teaching faculty reflective of the expansive curriculum, insights into how to lead, and how to lead well, were plentiful. Comprehensive electronic and written educational materials supplemented the in-class learning nicely.  Working closely with associates outside of the hospital not only forged friendships, but strengthened working professional relationships. Each participant gained valuable new knowledge, skills, and attitudes which will promote high quality leadership of our health care organization.  Wishing this was an experience for me decades earlier!”

Robert S., Division Chief, Pediatric Cardiology


“I just wanted to let you know that the training was wonderful.  Sonia was amazing.  I am interested in additional training sessions and I have requested that she send me a list of training that she facilitates.  I am definitely looking at working with you and Sonia on additional training sessions.”

Gale S., Director, Human Resources & Risk Management


“Thanks for all your help during this process.  My team had a great time with the classes.  Dr. Lewis was absolutely terrific by the way.  He was very engaging and went above and beyond to customize the class to fit the needs of our team and organization.  I can’t tell you how much I appreciated that…  Thanks again.“

Oscar G., Sales Manager


“I’m writing to tell you I thought you did an exceptional job presenting and especially teaching us ‘Bridge the Gap’ concepts.  You were highly effective making the point about how we need to think differently and how we need to work together better.”

Mark D., Market President


“I recently completed a 12-week Master’s Certificate in Project Management through the Creighton Business Institute. Overall, the program was exactly what one would expect from Creighton University. I attended a high quality program with top notch instructors.  I was excited to learn that I could accrue 9 credits specifically in project management toward an MBA through the Heider College of Business. I am now currently enrolled and working toward that goal.”

Ray W., Manager, Planning and Design


“The PMP bootcamp was time and money well-spent.  The instructors did a great job "exposing" the students to the PMBOK and other preparation material.  Furthermore, the mini-practice tests on each section, as well as the full 4 hour 200 question practice test were great exposure to the style of questions we can expect on the actual exam.”

Roland J.


“I want to say that the classes I have taken this summer provided by the Creighton Business Institute are some of the best training classes I have ever taken. These are wonderful classes that I am suggesting my coworkers experience. The class had excellent instructors with real world experience and a vast amount of subject knowledge.”

Jeff P.